whAT is a Red Lion?

Did you know that everyone has a Red Lion within them?


Discover Your Inner Red Lion...


Red [red] adjective \ enthusiastic, energetic, active, confident, passionate


Li-on [ˈlī-ən] noun \ power, strength, focus, trust, respect, leader, “HEAD of the jungle”

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About Us

The Red Lion Institute helps you power your career.  


We help you understand WHO you are, WHAT you want to do, WHERE you want to go and then provide guidance for HOW to do it.  Whether you are a high school or college student, a recent grad, or a professional 

(re-entering the workforce, in need of reflection & renewal in your career, or seeking entrepreneurial pursuits), we can help you!​​

Utilizing a diversity lens, RLI helps unleash the power of cultural identity and self-assessments to provide direction and accountability for you.  So, as a student or recent grad, you can better plan your career, and as a professional, you can transform your career.  

We follow a proven program and supplement it with custom coaching and advisory services to help you awaken your inner Red Lion in order to "Roar with Success"@Work.  We want you to KNOW and BE your authentic self and feel a sense of inclusion and belonging throughout your career!


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Meet The Team

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Sharmila Fowler

Founder, Coach

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Alina Haber-Kovach

Advisory Board


Cynthia Plouché

Advisory Board