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Are you a high school student, college student, recent graduate, or the parent/guardian of one? 
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Did you know that 50% of students will change their major at least once before they graduate college? This results in added tuition, fees, and living expenses not to mention the opportunity cost of not working in the “real world”.

Planning and managing your career is not only fulfilling but also smart! 

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Our Company

Why The Red Lion?

Red [red] adjective \ enthusiastic, energetic, active, confident, passionate

Li-on [ˈlī-ən] noun \ power, strength, focus, trust, respect, leader, “HEAD of the jungle”

Red + Lion = one who roars with success

We are experienced professionals who specialize in working with high school students, college students, and young adults to help them plan and manage their careers so that they can "roar with success". We help them create a Master Plan to refer to and to build upon. One that will assist them throughout their career!

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Our Offerings

In order to help our clients plan and manage their careers, we follow a systematic process:


Plan your career by EXPLORING and EVALUATING yourself and your career options. Our "Unleash Your Passion" workshops and studios utilize The Red Lion's P3 Model which helps you discover who you are (PERSON), what you want to do (PROFESSION) and where you want to do it (PLACE).  Be prepared to complete assessments and exercises as a part of this initial program.

Manage your career by first ESTABLISHING it and then continuing to EVOLVE it over the years. Utilize The Red Lion's Advisory Services to assist in these areas.




Our "Unleash Your Passion" Studios and Workshops can take place in person or online.  Studios are customized for the individual and Workshops, geared for 4 or more students, focus more on sharing and learning from one another. These programs typically last about 4 hours and are split over a few sessions.



Once you have narrowed down your career options, it's time to secure a job. Our advisory services encompass resume and cover letter guidance, personal branding, job search strategies, research/lead generation, mentoring assistance and interviewing techniques. We  also cover how to ensure you are on track and advancing.


Our Team


Sharmila Fowler


Sharmila Fowler is Founder, Consultant & Coach of The Red Lion Institute, Inc.  She is a Certified Myers-Briggs (MBTI®) Trainer,  Certified Professional Resume Writer and Member of The Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.  She holds an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Planning from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Computer Science/Mathematics from the University of Rochester.  

After preparing her kids for college, she recognized that she was continually drawn to articles and books on career planning, she was highly engaged in discussions on this topic with students and young adults, and she became a resource for friends and family on career-related matters.  Eventually, The Red Lion was born.  

She is skilled at working with both people and information and is excited to share with others her varied business experiences that cover a broad range of functions and industries.  She has worked at large corporations and at start-ups and has had substantial global experience traveling to places in Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia for business. She also has a wide professional network across many disciplines of business, medicine and law that she can tap into for advice and networking. She lives with her family in Naperville, IL.


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Whether you are a high school student, college student, recent graduate, or the parent/guardian of one, please reach out to connect so you can realize the benefits of proper career planning and management.



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